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I'm a researcher and developer in sound and music. Currently I am working as a software developer in BMAT Music Innovators.
Prior to that I worked in the Music Technology Group as a researcher and developer.
I hold a MSc in Sound and Music Computing, B.S. in Telecommunications Engineering and studies in Music Theory and Performance.
I am an associate in the Sound and Lighting company Larrys S.C.C.L., were I worked as a FOH engineer and production manager.
I spend my spare time playing and producing music with friends.


In the Music Technology Group I've done research on Music Information Retrieval on topics like; music similarity, music performance analysis, and sound quality analysis. This research is been carried out from a data-driven perspective.


Good-sounds.org has been the result of a research collaboration between KORG Inc. and the Music Technology Group. The project was meant to develop technologies for automatic sound quality assessment. I created the data collections that were openly published as the good-sounds dataset. With this data I created machine learning models to automatically evaluate instrumental sounds in several dimensions.
We also built a website (good-sounds.org, no longer accessible) in which we created a community of users that upload and annotate sounds to help us improve the models we previously built with our own data.
Out of this collaboration, Korg released the mobile app Cortosia and the TM-50TR tuner.
We also published two research articles in the main conferences in the field: Bandiera et al., 2016 and Romaní Picas et al., 2015.

Music Critic

Music critic is the product of the TECSOME project, which is funded by a Proof of Concept European Research Council grant.
The project came up from an idea of my own, which was to build a web API to evaluate music exercises that would be easily integrated in online education platforms. I implemented the application and we researched on music similarity using machine learning techniques to build the models for the automatic evaluation of the music performances.
The first online music course to use the technology was developed in the online education platform Kadenze . We also published some papers, like Bozkurt et al., 2018


Some of the music projects I have been involved into.

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