Band member; electric bass, vocals & cello. Edited 4 LP and 2 EP.
Winners of the 2009 Sona9 contest


Live musician; guitar, electric bass and back vocals


Recorded electric bass in the album "Tornar d'amèrica". Live musician; keyboards and back vocals during 2016. Recorded cello in the album "Les cançons que vindran"


Live musician; electric bass, sinthesizers and back vocals

Marta Delmont

Live musician; keyboards and sinthesizers

Cala Vento

Recorded cello in the song "Antes de él" from the album Fruto Panorama

Eric Fuentes

Recorded cello in the songs "Despeñaperros" and "Caus al fang" from the album Barcelona

Jove Orquestra del Baix Llobregat

Cello player